Introducing Animated GIFs for Live Chat

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. It might seem odd for us to say that since providing our clients with world-class chatting capability is a big part of what we do here at LiveHelpNow. But, as you can see, chatting can only get you so far in some situations. That’s why LiveHelpNow has added a fun […]

SendInBlue – LiveHelpNow Live Chat integration

LiveHelpNow help desk software collects a lot of useful information about your customers. The integration with SendInBlue will allow for easy transfer of live chat customer information into your SendInBlue specific list for additional marketing, business analytics, upsell and cross sell flow. Please complete the following easy steps to integrate your LiveHelpNow live chat user […]

Need a Friendly Word of Advice about Your Website? Don’t Take Another Step.

When you are about to make a mistake, don’t you wish someone would open your eyes and tell you? You put a lot of work into getting your website right, promoting your brand and your product.  Your Live Chat agents are great, but something is stalling visitors to your website. Could there be problems no […]

Securely exchange confidential forms—from within a chat session or via email

Boost Data Security and Success with Secure Forms Until now, it was impossible to collect confidential or order information in a chat or email. Why? Because chat and email provide clear text communication, which is not HIPAA and PCI compliant. Fortunately, LiveHelpNow offers an innovative solution called Secure Forms. Too often, a customer expresses interest […]

Audience overview, tickets by hour and optimized chat session transfer

Release Release contains the following additions and optimizations Audience overview added to Main Overview report showing volumes of visitors/chats per region Tickets by hour report, reporting on emails/tickets received by hour and helping in figuring out staffing needs per hour of the day Chat session transfer dialog now provides ability to search agents/departments to […]

Increase Your Website Conversions and Speed

Your website is your “digital face” as well as your most efficient conversion and sales mechanism. But does it produce the results you want? Let’s set our priorities straight. Later in this article, we’ll talk about increasing your conversions, usability and more – but now let’s focus on safety. Your Website’s Safety is Crucial and You […]

Take a Customer Service Challenge You Can’t Lose

Here’s a challenge where you win—no matter what.  It’s a whole lot easier than, say, the challenge of escaping from a big maze, which we don’t recommend you try since that’s how we lost our Senior VP of Marketing. Poor Ted. We hope he packed a big lunch. It’s going to be a while. But […]

The Next Big Thing is Here: Landline Texting

You read that correctly. LiveHelpNow pioneered the technology that allows customers to text a landline phone number and receive a response, just as you would between mobile devices. So, the obvious question is, How does it work? A landline phone number is provisioned by LiveHelpNow via relationship with major SMS providers to send and receive SMS messages. Customers […]

How to Keep Your Customer Service Agents Happy

It’s no surprise that happy customer service agents mean happy customers. Just imagine, if you were to get on a call or a chat with a customer service agent who sounds like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Even if they were able to solve your issue, you may walk away […]


4 Tips to grow Sales using Live Chat

One of the problems with Online Business is that customers are disconnected from a live person who can answer their questions in real time. Without the required information at the right time, customers conclude that your service lacks features and drop off. Every time a customer clicks away from your site, you lose an opportunity […]

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