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Website chat. What is it? Why does my website need it?

When contemplating a purchase, it’s common for prospects and existing customers to have questions and/or need additional information.

A company must always respond promptly. Otherwise, that sale could be lost. There also could be a long-term negative repercussion.

If a prospect or an existing customer turns to a competitor, makes a purchase and is satisfied, the company may have lost his business for good.

Live chat software enables online companies to respond to prospects and existing customers in real-time – while they are visiting the company’s Website.

In addition, website chat can be valuable to types of traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses that have Website visitors seeking important outside of “regular” business hours on weekdays. Examples include travel agencies, colleges (for purposes including admission information) and healthcare and veterinary providers.

Live chat software enables an employee of the company or a company to which it has outsourced service can watch as a visitor moves through the Website.

The visitor can click on an icon on the Website if he wants to initiate a live chat with the employee. Clicking on the icon opens a window.

Or the employee can open a window on the visitor’s computer offering a live chat. The employee will do so if he had deemed that progress to checkout has stalled, especially if the visitor has an item or items in his electronic shopping cart.

Offering live chat functionality via live chat software can help an online company close sales. It’s a harsh fact that many sales are lost late in the purchasing process.

Live chat functionality may help online companies close sales because prospects and existing customers will know that if they purchase, real-time help is just a click of a computer key away.

For online businesses, live chat software provides another key benefit. It has a trcking component that will provide insight into the progress of prospects and existing customers on the Website.

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  1. I agree with you about most websites needing Live Chat to communicate with their customers or clients. I have added Live Chat to a number of my network of websites and it has made a significant difference.

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