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Website chat reduces shopping cart abandonment

Website live chat capabilities allow your business to reduce shopping cart abandonment, which will directly result in increased sales.

Here’s a common scenario: A customer on your site has found several items to purchase, she or he places them into the shopping cart, then proceeds to checkout. Your customer is presented with a screen that offers a login or an option to create a membership so that they can purchase the items. At this point, the customer may not remember their login and password. They become frustrated after multiple attempts at logging in and abandon their shopping cart without ever purchasing the items. With website live chat software present on the checkout page, a representative of your company can save the sale. Using live chat, an employee can monitor the status of customers on your site.  They can see what they are shopping for, what items are being placed into the cart and at the point when the customer fails at login or spends too much time on the checkout page, your employee can contact them directly by using web site chat function and help them through the process.

Having the ability to help customers move step-by-step through a confusing process allows your business to increase its sales through immediate and helpful customer service.

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