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Real time website traffic monitoring with website live chat software

Real-time visitor monitoring
Visitor monitoring

Most if not all website chat software providers include real-time visitor monitoring feature which in my opinion is priceless.

Imagine seeing who is browsing your site, how they found your site, how many pages they visited, how long they stayed on a particular page, which page was the entry page and which was the exit one? All in real-time!

Now, if you combine this feature with proactive chat invitation…wow! A visitor is on the check-out page, sitting there for 2 minutes, operator sees it and prompts a message: “I see you are having troubles checking out, would you like me to help you?”. These two features combined will save i would say at least 25% of your used to be “quit on” shopping carts!

In some cases website live chat software providers also analyse traffic data and compile informative analytics reports for historical review.

Empowered with this information about visitor traffic patterns and navigational foot steps you will undoubtedly correct a lot if not all navigational inconsistencies, directory structure or content categorization problems on your website.

Think about it.

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