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Live Chat Software for Mobile Devices, It is finally here

live chat software for cell phonesMost of live chat software providers were toying with an idea of developing an ability for their users to respond to live chat requests by using their mobile devices and most of them failed or haven’t quite figured out how to actually do it until now…

Not one but two live chat software companies released MobileChat last week which actually works!
ZaZaChat and LiveHelpNow both released MobileChat feature which allows operators to accept live chat requests on their cell phones and actually chat with customers while being on the road.

Here’s how it works:

  1.  A customer initiates a chat session on the website
  2. An SMS text message is sent to the operator with an embedded link to accept the live chat request
  3. Operator clicks on the embedded in the text message link
  4. A chat window opens on the operator’s cell phone and operator is connected with the customer
  5. Live chat session commences
  6. All predefined (canned) responses are available to operator to quickly respond to the customer

Pretty cool!

I’ve tried it in both ZaZaChat and LiveHelpNow systems and it works very similar and it is very slick!

I even talked to one of my friends who uses LiveHelpNow in his auto dealership and he said that MobileChat is the most powerful feature of the software in his opinion because it gives him the freedom to walk around th dealership, talk to customers, etc. while still being online on his website and be able to quickly accept live chat requests initiated on it directly on his cell phone.

A lot of readers have asked me which Live Chat system I personally recommend…so…i decided to talk about live chat software systems i like in my next blog post.

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