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Free live chat software…is it worth searching for one?

People love “free”.. it is a truly magic word, heavily used by marketers, software publishers, just about every business! Look closely in each TV commercial or an online ad and you will see or hear that magic word “FREE”.

I, personally, get absolutely disgusted when i see or hear the word “free” and always try avoiding the product or company using this word in their advertising campaigns. Why? Because this word tells me one of two things about the product or a company:

  1. It is a teaser or a way to reel you in!
  2. The product is lacking something and it is worth looking elsewhere for a better one.

Most people would probably disagree with me on this one but, this post is not about arguing about this theory, it is about free live chat software and whether it is worth your time to look for one.

Should you try Googling “free live chat software” you will find quite a few results. I’ve personally tested all of them, some are slow, some are impossible to use, some are extremely cumbersome, but all of them lack features which have made Live chat software so effective and famous.

Here are features which free live chat software offerings will surely lack of:

  • Live visitor monitoring with referral and visitor geo location reporting
  • Proactive chat invitation
  • Canned responses
  • Visitor navigation history
  • Management of multiple chats at the same time
  • Chat transcripts archive and search
  • Other crucial limitations

These are core features, without them live chat software becomes completely USELESS!

I can also tell you why free live chat software does not and cannot offer these features. Because these features are having a huge impact on the server hosting this chat software, they require powerful infrastructure and top of the line database. These features are basically too expensive for a company to be able to offer them free.

So my point is this: If you’d like to see the true power of live chat, see it work for you, see it improve your conversion rates and ultimately increase sales – do NOT look for free, look for quality!


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