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Detecting click fraud with…Live chat software!?

Most professional live chat software feature sets include live visitor monitoring. It usually allows website operators to see who is browsing their website at a given moment, such information as IP address, Host Name, GEO location, referer, footsteps(visited pages) and computer specific is provided for each browsing visitor real-time! This could be very valuable. We will not go into details and specific case studies on live visitor monitoring feature of Live Chat software.

I do, however, would like to tell you a little story which you might find interesting.


I have published a new website for my new business and went ahead and listed it in Yahoo! Directory, it’s $299.00 per year but well worth it if you’d like to get your business noticed quickly. The day Yahoo! Directory listed my site in the “new” section i received an interesting call:

“Hello, my name is Peter “, i purposely did not use any real names in this post, ” i would like to offer you a great pay per click program, only 10 cents per click! Have you heard about Red Z ?”

“No, i have not”


“No, sorry”

“Well, we are a revolutionary search engine, with patent pending technology and millions of search queries served daily. We can offer you one of the top 3 spots on for 10 cents per click! How does that sound?”

 “It sounds too good to be true” – i responded.

“What is your main search term?”

I provided a very competitive, about $7.oo per click on Google AdWords search term i was interested in

“Good news we have one spot available!” – said Peter – “Can you please go to and search for your search term?”

I did. One of my competitors’ site came up first, it looked slick, sort of like WIndows Vista running programs scroller, showing website front pages as thumbnails.

“Looks good” said I. It did look good, and for 10 cents i was willing to try. I provided my credit card and it was charged $500.00 for 5000 clicks from people searching for the term i purchased the clicks for.

I was spending a lot more on Google, about $1000-$2000 monthly for 200-400 clicks, so it was a no brainer type of a deal.

Next morning i have been emailed login details to login to and see my click stats. To my absolute surprise RedZ (redzee)  reported 150 clicks sent in the last 12 hours! What! How! Amazing! I am rich! Bye bye competitors! I won! I will buy all my search terms i am competing for on Google from RedZ and will buy a house in Maui in 10 months! Gotta call my wife and tell her to quit her job!

A thousand pleasing thoughts went through my mind…

I logged in to my business’ back-end with anticipation of at least 5 orders (2-3% conversion i could definitely live with). To my surprise there were no orders. Hmmm… Maybe a glitch?

I went ahead and logged in to my LiveHelpNow ( panel, it is customer service software i use, it provides live visitor monitoring. LiveHelpNow reported 150 referrals from, so RedZ panel reporting the correct number of clicks, what is wrong then!??? I started investigating further and LiveHelpNow showed that each visitor referred by RedZ visited front page of my website and immediately left. 100% bounce rate from RedZ visitors…what an upset, that was exactly what i was afraid of. Always trust your first instinct, what appears to be too good to be true, is probably not true. What a scam! I was pissed.

I called up Peter from RedZ and requested a full refund.

“What’s wrong? Why?” – asked Peter

“Well, RedZ sent 150 robots buddy” – said i – “100% bounce rate. You are buying your traffic!”

“I don’t understand…” – said Peter – ” what makes you think that!?”

“Please go to and log in” – i said and gave Peter my username and password – “Do you see how it shows every visitor referred from”


“Can you tell me how many pages each of them visited of my website?”


“Which means the traffic redz is sending bounces 100%, correct?”

“Yes, but maybe this software does not report it correctly”

I asked Peter to go to, type the term i purchased and go to my site, browse a couple of pages and then see what LiveHelpNow panel reports.

He did that and to his surprise every move he made on my site was recorded and reported by LiveHelpNow software.

Next day i got full refund from RedZ.

This is how Live Chat Software detects click fraud and how it saved me $500!

One response to “Detecting click fraud with…Live chat software!?”

  1. Thanks for a very informative post. I was called by RedZ a few minutes ago and decided to do some web surfing to see what I could find about RedZ before taking a decision. I had some serious doubts about their program after my lengthy discussion with the sales representative per telephone. You have confirmed exactly what I suspected.

    Much appreciated.

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